Obair na Cásca

Seachtain ag tosnú ar 6ú Aibreáin

Dia dhaoibh go léir. Bímse ag smaoineamh oraibh gach lá agus tá súil agam go bhfuil cúrsaí go maith.

I had some feedback from parents during the week, all of it very helpful. Please do not worry about getting work done. You have your own work to do and, usually, more than one child to look after – nobody can multitask to that extent. The accompanying list is to help you at home, not to add to your stress.

 I have been looking at the RTÉ school hub each day and I think the bulk of the activities   (bar the Senior Maths on Thursday) could be done by the children. Worksheets can be downloaded each day at www. rte.ie/learn   which revise what has been done. What I like about these lessons is that they cover History, Geography and Science – all interesting in their own right. If you can’t download them let me know and I will forward them to you. As far as I can see they cannot be downloaded beforehand.

Ár gcuid oibre féin:

  • Spellbound : Week 30  Continuing with ‘k’ endings
  • Work It Out: Week 28
  • Seaimpín na dTáblaí: Seachtain a 28
  • Gafa le Mata: lch 146, 147. Ideally, these pages would be completed in the kitchen with the children using appropriate glasses, bowls, jugs, ladles and pots. It’s all about giving them a ‘feel’ for the volume of a litre. It may interest them to know that a litre of water weighs exactly one kilogram and a millilitre of water weighs one gram.
  • Bunlitriú  Seachtain 26 Some parents have decided not to ask the children to write the words in a sentence – that’s fine.
  • Bill’s New Frock:  Read the second chapter and answer these questions
Chapter 1 What happened to Bill on Monday? Why was Bill’s Dad in a rush? What did he say to Bill as he kissed him on cheek? Who was whistling at Bill? Why did Astrid complain? What was Mrs Collins like about neat work?
Chapter 2 Why did Bill decide not to play football? How did Bill get knocked to the ground? What happened when Bill tried to borrow the ball? What area of the playground did the girls have to play on? What did Martin give Bill?
  • Cad É Sin?

Keep re-reading and read up to leathanach a 11. What we want to do here is maintain fluency of reading. Try to add an extra page each day for 4 days.

  • Ord an Aifrinn ( Céad Chomaoineach)  Keep practising the ‘Admhaím do Dhia’ and look at Column C for the Kyrie Eleison:  A Thiarna déan trócaire

The above list is what I would really like you to try to do. If you get that much done and the children watch the School Hub you all will have accomplished a lot! Remember to add some physical activity – you can get ideas from last week’s list of gníomhaíochtaí. The children all enjoyed colouring the mandalas in school during the year so some of those can be printed off for ‘Am Suaimhneach’.

  • Toyota are running a weekly art competition : recreate Ireland and Toyota.ie
  • Minecraft Store has 12 educational games for free
  • I am also posting a letter from Twinkl

Photographs of accomplishments can be sent to me and Múinteoir Áogán will put them on the school website : www.gaelscoilchnocliamhna.ie   Have a look and see who is there already! They don’t have to be connected to schoolwork. Show everyone what you are doing at home ….photos of children only with parental permission.

Obair bhreise – má oireann

  • Continue reading about deserts in Feena’s Second Book of Facts pages 36 and 37
  • Try this wordsearch
S a h a r a b b s E
a o a s i s u u p q
m g e i n g r s i u
h r a d e r r e k a
S a j e r b o a e t
a s o w o s w l s o
h s l i z a r d p r
i e o n o m a d l c
r s w d a b c d a a
a n p e n g u i n c
s c r r a b c c t t
i a e m o s s e s u
d c d o t e r r o s
e t a t c a m e l w
A n t a r c t i c a
n c o n t i n e n t
t a r a d a t o r m

Find these words:  Sahara    nomad    oasis    camel    cactus    Equator   sidewinder   jerboa

predator     lizard    Antarctica    penguin   seal   burrow   spikes   continent   plants  mosses     ice  grasses

  • Ag Obair Liom:  lch a 38 Cnuaschonsain ina bhfuil ‘l’  Sliotar, bleachtaire, slabhra, clogad, blús, cleite, dlíodóir, fliuch, slipéir,glóthach, gliú, fleascán, pláta, tlú, pléascán,  glasraí.
  • Scríbhneoireacht:  Some ideas:
  • An Post delivered cards this week – send a card to someone.  Practise writing the address correctly at first.
  • Children had gotten very good at writing every day as we did Literacy Lift Off – stories or diaries. It would be good to write 5/6 lines in their Free Writing copy.
  • Scéal as Gaeilge            An páiste uaigneach

Cad is ainm don pháiste? Cé’n aois a bhí aige? Nó aici? An raibh deartháir nó deirfiúr aige/aici? An raibh éinne le súgradh leis / léi?  Scriobh cad a tharla don pháiste seo.

  • Peannaireacht: fab   fcd   feg  fhi

Go n-éirí libh ar fad an tseachtain seo agus tá súil agam go bhfanfaidh sibh ar fad slán. If I can be of any help email me and I will do whatever I can.

Bainigí sult as na huibheacha Cásca!

Slan go fóill, le gach deaghuí,