Obair Bhaile R2

Seachtain 29ú Márta go  2a Aibreáin

Nóta beag do thuistí:

Tá súil agam go bhfuil sibh ar fad go maith ag an tráth seo. Táim chun é seo a scríobh as Béarla ar fhaitíos na míthuisceana.   Email me if you have questions. I’ll check my email each morning around 11 a.m. – any feedback is welcome! Written Irish work in Obair Ranga copybook and any English writing can be done in the Free Writing copybook.

Le gach dea ghuí, Eibhlín

  • This is a suggested list of what you can do at home.  Do as much as you deem advisable. The Timetable is also a suggestion! The ‘Gníomhaíochtaí’ list is to give purpose to non-academic time.
  • If you want to prioritise anything it should be tables……everything else can be caught up with relatively easily but children will be starting multiplication next year (indeed, we’ve already started doing it informally) so they need to have their addition and subtraction memorised . Don’t think that the daily exercise in Seaimpín na dTablaí is enough.  Add and subtract 1-10 to / from numbers up to 100.
  • You may wish to investigate the Twinkl site. They have also introduced a School Closure Resource section.
  • If you are already a member of a library, you can download the Borrow Box app and borrow ebooks.  I think SDCC may facilitate you even if you were not already a member i.e. they will accept membership by phone.
  • Gaeilge
  • Ag Obair Liom lch 37 Cnuas chonsain dl, fl, tl.
  • Mo Leabharsa: Imir an cluiche ar lch 24,25
  •  Scríobh Mo Nuacht.  5 abairt ar a laghad. Cóipleabhar ‘Obair Ranga’
  •    Scríobh an scéal seo:   Madra Dána. Bíodh an t-eolas seo sa scéal:

Cé leis an madra? Cad is ainm don mhadra? Cad a rinne sé a bhí dána? Cé’n deireadh a bhí leis an scéal?  ( Obair Ranga)

  • Leabhar Nua Cad É Sin? Léigh leathanaigh 3,4,6 agus 7. Leathanach a 3 Dé Luain, 3 agus 4 Dé Máirt ahus mar sin de.
  • Mata
  • Toilleadh: Déan leathanaigh 144 agus 145
  • English
  • Complete a character profile of Mr Fox and use parts of the story as evidence. Tell me at least 5 things about him.
  • Pretend you are going to read about deserts. Write at least 12 different words you think might appear in the text….apart from the word ‘sand’.
  • We use commas to separate words in a list. We put the word ‘and’ between the last two words: Oak, elm, beech and chestnut are all trees. Make lists to complete these sentences, remembering to use commas and the word ‘and’.

The fruit stall sells ________________________________________________

My friends are called_____________________________

When it rains I wear_______________________

My favourite games are _______________________________

In the zoo we saw__________________________________

  • Free writing: You can write about anything. It can be a story, a diary of the week or an account of something you saw or did. You must writhe at least ten sentences . Check your spelling, capital letters and full stops. Free Writing Copy
  • New Book!  Read Chapter One and write two sentences. Do you think you’ll like the story? Why / why not?
  • Feena’s Second Book of Facts  : read pages 34 and 35
  • Handwriting: eqr, est, euv, ewx. Refer to previous exercises to ensure correct letter formation
  • Céad Chomaoineach

Féach ar Ord an Aifrinn. Cleachtaigh Paidir A: Admhaím do Dhia uilechumhachtach