Obair Bhaile R2 18ú Bealtaine

  • Spellbound:  Week 35. 4 more revision exercises
  • Bunlitriú: Seachtain a 8 agus a 9. Cuir 3 fhocal ( do rogha féin) in abairtí gach lá
  • Work It Out: Friday tests: 10 – 14
  • Peannaireacht: keen, kibble, lamp, lend,  lime
  • Feena’s Book of Facts: Pages 46 – 50 Birds
  • Gafa le Mata: Achar. ( Area : pupils often get confused between the length and width of something and its area. It may be helpful to talk about a football pitch or a garden. We use length and width to measure the walls that edge the pitch and area to measure the space the ground covers. So we talk about measuring the ‘dromchla’ or surface.)  It is always good practice to estimate before measuring.
  • Lch 148: In ceist a 3 agus Ceist a 3, children are asked to use playing cards and books to estimate and then measure the surface of a book and a table. The estimate should be reasonable and not a wild guess!
  • Lch 149: Counting squares to calculate area
  • Lch 150: In Ceisteanna 2,3 it may help to use a ruler to fill in the blank spaces
  • Lch 151: More squares to count!
  • Leathanach oibre breise.
  • An Cóta Báistí
  • An Zú
  • An Leabhar an pheil agus an t-iasc.

These can also be accessed ar shuíomh na scoile: www.gaelscoilchnocliamhna.ie . Teigh chuig Ranganna agus ansin Tacaíocht Foghlama Breise

  • Ag Obair Liom:
  • Lch a 43: Focail a chríochnaíonn le –óg
  • Lch a 44: Focail a chríochnaíonn le  – ín
  • Lch a 45: Focail a chríochnaíonn le –án
  • Lch a 46 Léigh an scéal agus agus dathaigh na focail a chríochnaíonn le –ach
  • Lch 47,48: Focail a chríochnaíonn le uí
  • Dhá leathanach oibre: Cuir isteach na cinnlitreacha

                                       Comhartha ceiste


  • I’m attaching a question web. Use each line to write one thing you have learned about birds
  • Anticipation Statement; Tick whether you agree/disagree and then explain your reason. Use facts to support your answer.
  • Fill in the description web on Ostriches
  • Wordsearch
  • Skills Book page 50: Compound Words
  • Skills Book page 51: Writing instructions  for a procedure
  • Weaving Wellbeing: lesson 8 Strengths 17 – 20