Seachtain an 20ú Aibreáin

Dia dhaoibh! Tá súil agam go bhfuil gach duine go maith agus gur bhain sibh taitneamh as an aimsir álainn. Léigh mé seo i rith na seachtaine:

Working, parenting,and teaching are three different jobs that cannot be done at the same time. It’s not hard because you’re doing it wrong. It’s hard because it’s too much. Do the best you can’  Emily W King Ph.D, Child Psychologist.

Mar sin, ní feidir linn ach ár ndícheall a dhéanamh. Bain súp as an dea-aimsir freisin!

Beidh ‘scoil’ ar TG4 dóibh siúd atá ag freastal ar scoil sa Ghaeltacht nó ar Ghaelscoil. Cúla4 ar Scoil  an t-ainm atá ar an gclár agus beidh sé ag tosnú ar an Luan ar a 10 a chlog ar maidin

Má tá deacracht ag éinne leis an Taisceadán Todhcaí a oscailt, cuirfidh mé chugaibh i bhfoirm PDF é.


Obair bhaile : Luan go Aoine

  • Spellbound: Week 31. Words containing –ick and –ock. At the end of the list are two words beginning with nu-.
  • Work It Out: Week 29
  • Seaimpín na dTablaí: Seachtain a 29
  • Bunlitriú: Téigh ar ais chuig Seachtain a 1 agus Seachtain a 2. Má tá tú ag scríobh abairtí, scríobh 3 abairt gach lá.
  • Gafa Le Mata: lch 134, 135: Airgead. The first page is based on calculating the change from €2. It would be great if you could put the appropriate coins in front of the pupil. S/he would put aside the money due to the siopadóir and count the remainder. I’m not a big fan of asking the child to subtract the money formally in order to calculate the change. I think it is better grounding to ‘count on’ from what is due to the siopadóir.  Lch 135 is a ‘shopping’ activity. Again, start with the appropriate amount of money for the two items and count aloud. Writing the answer reinforces the idea that only € or c is used – not the two together. It’s been weeks since we used coins but we will again someday!
  • Mata praiticiúil: If there’s a catalogue from Aldi or Lidl in the house, compose two shopping lists – My List, Daddy’s List, List for dinner etc. Comput the cost of the shopping. One other activity I would like to try is to take 10 random packets from the kitchen. Pricew each one unevenly i.e. 37c, 73c not  20c! Make shopping lists of three items at a time and compute the cost.
  • Bill’s New Frock: Read chapters 3 and 4 and answer these questions
Chapter 3 What lesson was it after Art? What did they find that was all pink? What left a thick pink slug trail? What did the class complain about? Why was Bill “spoiling people’s paintings”?
Chapter 4 Why did everyone looked up enviously at Bill? What favour did Bill do for the headmaster? What was Bill’s problem with pockets? What happened when Bill tried to walk down the corridor towards the office? What happened when Mrs Bandaraina said “sweet little frock”?
  • Cad É Sin? : léigh go dtí lch a 16 agus freagair na ceisteanna thíos:
  • Cad is ainm don leipreachán?
  • Cad iad na focail a chuala Learaí?
  • Ar éirigh leis an glór a stopadh?
  • Cad a cheap Learaí a bhí mí-cheart leis?
  • Cé a dúirt leis gur fail a bhí air?
  • An raibh fail ortsa ariamh?
  • Éist le Scéal: Tá Múinteoir Aoife Ní Mhurchú ina Youtuber anois! Is féidir éisteacht léi ag léamh scéalta ar:
  • Journal: Scríbhneoireacht na seachtaine seo

We are living in historic times and there are a few suggestions here to help the children keep a record of these. These are downloadable suggestions and each one contains quite a lot of pages so only print off the ones you think you and your children will enjoy.

  • Bhí seo ar shuíomh Chairde na Scoile agus tá sé ana-mhaith.  Tá sé I bhfoirm PDF agus é ar fáil ar leathanach Facebook Chairde na Scoile.

 An Isolation Activity book designed by a teacher.

  • At Home With Weaving Wellbeing. This is a journal designed by the writers of the Weaving Wellbeing Programme. If you Google this, it appears on the website of Outside the Box. The journal costs €3.95 from the publishers but you can download the book for free from the site.

All of the above have some great pages and a variety of activities.  Pick and choose as you look through them


  • School Hub: RTÉ hope to let us know in advance what will be on the Hub so that we can ‘tie in’ with the work so I hope matters will be more streamlined next week. They also do a Homeschool Hub Podcast which supports the programmes and the extra afternoon material and finish with a quiz on Fridays. If you can’t find it I‘ll send you the addresses.
  • Comaoineach: ‘Man proposes and God disposes’ is an old saying. Little did I think this was how we would be spending the week of the Céad Chomaoineach! However, we shall be prepared when the time comes. This week:

Liotúirge an Bhriathair:

Léitheoir: Briathar an Tiarna

Pobal: Buíochas le Dia.

(Roimh an Soiscéal)

Sagart: Go raibh an Tiarna libh

Pobal:Agus le do Spiorad féin

Sagart: Sliocht as an Soiscéal naofa

Pobal: Glóir duit a Thiarna

(Ag deireadh an tSoiscéil)

Sagart: Soiscéal an Tiarna

Pobal :Moladh duit a Chríost

Tugaigí aire daoibh féin. Seol ríomhphost chugam le ceist ar bith. Also please let me know if you think I should concentrate on a particular area. Le gach deaghui,    


Gníomhaíochtaí R2

Obair na Cásca

Seachtain ag tosnú ar 6ú Aibreáin

Dia dhaoibh go léir. Bímse ag smaoineamh oraibh gach lá agus tá súil agam go bhfuil cúrsaí go maith.

I had some feedback from parents during the week, all of it very helpful. Please do not worry about getting work done. You have your own work to do and, usually, more than one child to look after – nobody can multitask to that extent. The accompanying list is to help you at home, not to add to your stress.

 I have been looking at the RTÉ school hub each day and I think the bulk of the activities   (bar the Senior Maths on Thursday) could be done by the children. Worksheets can be downloaded each day at www.   which revise what has been done. What I like about these lessons is that they cover History, Geography and Science – all interesting in their own right. If you can’t download them let me know and I will forward them to you. As far as I can see they cannot be downloaded beforehand.

Ár gcuid oibre féin:

  • Spellbound : Week 30  Continuing with ‘k’ endings
  • Work It Out: Week 28
  • Seaimpín na dTáblaí: Seachtain a 28
  • Gafa le Mata: lch 146, 147. Ideally, these pages would be completed in the kitchen with the children using appropriate glasses, bowls, jugs, ladles and pots. It’s all about giving them a ‘feel’ for the volume of a litre. It may interest them to know that a litre of water weighs exactly one kilogram and a millilitre of water weighs one gram.
  • Bunlitriú  Seachtain 26 Some parents have decided not to ask the children to write the words in a sentence – that’s fine.
  • Bill’s New Frock:  Read the second chapter and answer these questions
Chapter 1 What happened to Bill on Monday? Why was Bill’s Dad in a rush? What did he say to Bill as he kissed him on cheek? Who was whistling at Bill? Why did Astrid complain? What was Mrs Collins like about neat work?
Chapter 2 Why did Bill decide not to play football? How did Bill get knocked to the ground? What happened when Bill tried to borrow the ball? What area of the playground did the girls have to play on? What did Martin give Bill?
  • Cad É Sin?

Keep re-reading and read up to leathanach a 11. What we want to do here is maintain fluency of reading. Try to add an extra page each day for 4 days.

  • Ord an Aifrinn ( Céad Chomaoineach)  Keep practising the ‘Admhaím do Dhia’ and look at Column C for the Kyrie Eleison:  A Thiarna déan trócaire

The above list is what I would really like you to try to do. If you get that much done and the children watch the School Hub you all will have accomplished a lot! Remember to add some physical activity – you can get ideas from last week’s list of gníomhaíochtaí. The children all enjoyed colouring the mandalas in school during the year so some of those can be printed off for ‘Am Suaimhneach’.

  • Toyota are running a weekly art competition : recreate Ireland and
  • Minecraft Store has 12 educational games for free
  • I am also posting a letter from Twinkl

Photographs of accomplishments can be sent to me and Múinteoir Áogán will put them on the school website :   Have a look and see who is there already! They don’t have to be connected to schoolwork. Show everyone what you are doing at home ….photos of children only with parental permission.

Obair bhreise – má oireann

  • Continue reading about deserts in Feena’s Second Book of Facts pages 36 and 37
  • Try this wordsearch
S a h a r a b b s E
a o a s i s u u p q
m g e i n g r s i u
h r a d e r r e k a
S a j e r b o a e t
a s o w o s w l s o
h s l i z a r d p r
i e o n o m a d l c
r s w d a b c d a a
a n p e n g u i n c
s c r r a b c c t t
i a e m o s s e s u
d c d o t e r r o s
e t a t c a m e l w
A n t a r c t i c a
n c o n t i n e n t
t a r a d a t o r m

Find these words:  Sahara    nomad    oasis    camel    cactus    Equator   sidewinder   jerboa

predator     lizard    Antarctica    penguin   seal   burrow   spikes   continent   plants  mosses     ice  grasses

  • Ag Obair Liom:  lch a 38 Cnuaschonsain ina bhfuil ‘l’  Sliotar, bleachtaire, slabhra, clogad, blús, cleite, dlíodóir, fliuch, slipéir,glóthach, gliú, fleascán, pláta, tlú, pléascán,  glasraí.
  • Scríbhneoireacht:  Some ideas:
  • An Post delivered cards this week – send a card to someone.  Practise writing the address correctly at first.
  • Children had gotten very good at writing every day as we did Literacy Lift Off – stories or diaries. It would be good to write 5/6 lines in their Free Writing copy.
  • Scéal as Gaeilge            An páiste uaigneach

Cad is ainm don pháiste? Cé’n aois a bhí aige? Nó aici? An raibh deartháir nó deirfiúr aige/aici? An raibh éinne le súgradh leis / léi?  Scriobh cad a tharla don pháiste seo.

  • Peannaireacht: fab   fcd   feg  fhi

Go n-éirí libh ar fad an tseachtain seo agus tá súil agam go bhfanfaidh sibh ar fad slán. If I can be of any help email me and I will do whatever I can.

Bainigí sult as na huibheacha Cásca!

Slan go fóill, le gach deaghuí,


Obair Bhaile R2

Seachtain 29ú Márta go  2a Aibreáin

Nóta beag do thuistí:

Tá súil agam go bhfuil sibh ar fad go maith ag an tráth seo. Táim chun é seo a scríobh as Béarla ar fhaitíos na míthuisceana.   Email me if you have questions. I’ll check my email each morning around 11 a.m. – any feedback is welcome! Written Irish work in Obair Ranga copybook and any English writing can be done in the Free Writing copybook.

Le gach dea ghuí, Eibhlín

  • This is a suggested list of what you can do at home.  Do as much as you deem advisable. The Timetable is also a suggestion! The ‘Gníomhaíochtaí’ list is to give purpose to non-academic time.
  • If you want to prioritise anything it should be tables……everything else can be caught up with relatively easily but children will be starting multiplication next year (indeed, we’ve already started doing it informally) so they need to have their addition and subtraction memorised . Don’t think that the daily exercise in Seaimpín na dTablaí is enough.  Add and subtract 1-10 to / from numbers up to 100.
  • You may wish to investigate the Twinkl site. They have also introduced a School Closure Resource section.
  • If you are already a member of a library, you can download the Borrow Box app and borrow ebooks.  I think SDCC may facilitate you even if you were not already a member i.e. they will accept membership by phone.
  • Gaeilge
  • Ag Obair Liom lch 37 Cnuas chonsain dl, fl, tl.
  • Mo Leabharsa: Imir an cluiche ar lch 24,25
  •  Scríobh Mo Nuacht.  5 abairt ar a laghad. Cóipleabhar ‘Obair Ranga’
  •    Scríobh an scéal seo:   Madra Dána. Bíodh an t-eolas seo sa scéal:

Cé leis an madra? Cad is ainm don mhadra? Cad a rinne sé a bhí dána? Cé’n deireadh a bhí leis an scéal?  ( Obair Ranga)

  • Leabhar Nua Cad É Sin? Léigh leathanaigh 3,4,6 agus 7. Leathanach a 3 Dé Luain, 3 agus 4 Dé Máirt ahus mar sin de.
  • Mata
  • Toilleadh: Déan leathanaigh 144 agus 145
  • English
  • Complete a character profile of Mr Fox and use parts of the story as evidence. Tell me at least 5 things about him.
  • Pretend you are going to read about deserts. Write at least 12 different words you think might appear in the text….apart from the word ‘sand’.
  • We use commas to separate words in a list. We put the word ‘and’ between the last two words: Oak, elm, beech and chestnut are all trees. Make lists to complete these sentences, remembering to use commas and the word ‘and’.

The fruit stall sells ________________________________________________

My friends are called_____________________________

When it rains I wear_______________________

My favourite games are _______________________________

In the zoo we saw__________________________________

  • Free writing: You can write about anything. It can be a story, a diary of the week or an account of something you saw or did. You must writhe at least ten sentences . Check your spelling, capital letters and full stops. Free Writing Copy
  • New Book!  Read Chapter One and write two sentences. Do you think you’ll like the story? Why / why not?
  • Feena’s Second Book of Facts  : read pages 34 and 35
  • Handwriting: eqr, est, euv, ewx. Refer to previous exercises to ensure correct letter formation
  • Céad Chomaoineach

Féach ar Ord an Aifrinn. Cleachtaigh Paidir A: Admhaím do Dhia uilechumhachtach